From Instagram (2016-03-17)

instagram 17-03-2016b
#욱씨남정기 #제작발표회 현장을 빛내주신 팬분들의 #쌀화환!!!
#남정기 는 #을의설움 에 눈물짓지만,
#윤상현 배우님은 #팬들사랑 에 웃음가득 행복가득 😁😁
항상 응원해주셔서 감사합니다
Rice wreaths from fans which adorned the press conference venue.
Nam Jeong Gi might shed tears in sorrow but with the fans’ love, actor Yoon Sang Hyun’s smile is filled with happiness. Thank you for always giving your cheers.
To Sang Hyun:
Looking forward to the drama’s premiere tomorrow. It sure feels great to be able to see you on screen again. A heartfelt wish that everyone will enjoy watching the drama and may it achieve good ratings. Whether rain or shine, our cheers for you remain unchanged. With love and support always ……
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