‘욱씨남정기’ Episode 4 (2016-03-26)

Subbed episode 4 @ http://newasiantv.com/watch/ms-temper-and-nam-jung-gi.956.AZ60ZF.html
Episode 4 cuts @ https://www.youtube.com/user/jtbcdrama/videos
Now that Lovely Cosmetic has severed its connection with Gold Chemicals, it cannot afford to fail in its mission to launch its own products. Though Ok Da Jung has no qualms taking on the responsibility of the project, Nam Jeong Gi can only agree reluctantly as he is bound by his earlier promise to support her in all her decisions. It did not help that they had only a month to complete the product tests and production. 
They were finally making progress when they managed to secure a preliminary contract with some suppliers for the required herb extract. Their joy was short-lived though as Director Kim from Gold Chemicals used his influence to get the suppliers to cancel the contracts. Fortunately Ok Da Jung managed to persuade them to reconsider as Director Kim is notorious for not keeping his word in his business dealings. 
Nam Jeong Gi had always been reluctant to take on major responsibilities due to his subconscious fear of failure but he is gradually being nudged out of  his comfort zone. Now that he has to confront his fear, he knows it’s either ‘to do or die’.  I certainly hope this challenge will help him start believing in his own capabilities.
4-1Would they succeed in completing the serum production for its launch in just 1 month?
4-2Nam Jeong Gi doesn’t think so even as he reluctantly agrees with Ok Da Jung. 



As they have to work overtime to meet the deadline for the product launch, Nam Jeong Gi is unable to go home though his son is sick. Ok Da Jung overhears his phone conversation and tells him to go back on the pretext of asking him to sort out some documents. So she does have a soft side beneath that tough exterior.  


4-7After a tense day of waiting, they finally receive positive confirmation from the herb extract suppliers.


4-9Anxiously observing their first pop-up stall on the product launch day.  Where are the customers?
To draw in customers, Ok Da Jung masquerades as one to check out their product.
An unexpected acquaintance joins in the act and soon the products were snapped up by the ladies.
4-11Who is that mysterious man with Ok Da Jung?


Is that merely curiosity or another niggling feeling?
4-14    Nam Jeong Gi is shocked to see the same man at Ok Da Jung’s house.
Could there be some truth to those unpleasant rumours?
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4 Responses to ‘욱씨남정기’ Episode 4 (2016-03-26)

  1. shandy says:

    UDJ is too opinionated to take hasty action by cutting down
    tie with Gold Chemicals without consulting to or seeking advice
    from president Jo, or even referring to manager Jung for mapping
    out an appropriate decision. Getting off the hook is something a
    good attempt to avoid being run by a player such as director Kim,
    but UDJ’s flying off the handle might place the company at a
    tipping point. It’s true of the character description : she’s not only
    bad tempered, but rash and impulsive. It’s the flaw that might be
    complemented with Namjeonggi’s prudence and cautiousness.
    On the other hand, UDJ has a great sense of uplift that she may
    keep pushing Namjeonggi to advance and bear a higher level of
    responsibility. I think the individual strength will illuminate each
    other, and most probably shall do company good in many ways !

    • juleecwk says:

      When President Jo had first introduced ODJ to his staff, he had given her full authority to manage the division. They were in a vulnerable position and at the mercy of Gold Chemical with which they needed to work for their survival. No one knows Director Kim’s nasty character better than ODJ so I guess there’s no other option but to make a clean break. Otherwise they would have to continue to be at his mercy. President Jo himself is too afraid of Director Kim.

      I think this drama is trying to highlight what is happening in a society with such a strong hierarchy system and fixed mindset. Change is never easy and many times there will be resistance. NJG’s character is meant to represent those who are compliant, who believe they are powerless and it’s easier to just follow the rules. ODJ’s character is the rebel who refuses to conform to injustice and represent those with a strong conviction that they can accomplish whatever they believe in.

      In this episode, the staff at Lovely Cosmetic is beginning to see that change is possible and that it can be for the better if they can overcome the obstacles. As ODJ pointed out, it’s not that they are incompetent but they just needed a new mindset.

      • shandy says:

        Under my knowledge of the President Jo passing full
        authority to UDJ, what I am trying to mean is nobody
        ever knows better than President Jo who knows the
        best of Lovely operation, functioning as well as
        financial situation. A subcontractor must be well aware
        of distributing company’s available resources without
        any bigwigs for backing up with a total discretion.

        There are several points for consideration : A
        conventional trading partner like Gold Chemical who
        occupies one third of Lovely’s turnover, what makes
        to cover up the loss if Lovely totally disconnect with
        Gold Chemical ? ; with the loss of 1/3 revenue, welfare
        of employees wiil be head on with the impact. Added
        some more non-optimistic facts is that Lovely still
        needs to square her debts……

        Making Lovely own brand is a stupendous project, it’s
        a very good idea…….. but decision is made too hasty !
        Every phase of allocating company’s resources lay on
        a detailed, consolidated plan and preceding discussion
        b4 jumping into the last decision. Unfortunately what
        comes b4 me is the savvy UDJ, resolute and daring but
        acting on impulse might bring out a domino effect. But
        in drama every impossible could be made possible,
        coz’ the writer is holding the magic wand !

      • juleecwk says:

        Yes you’re right. Bosses or those in charge would have to carefully consider their business dealings and resources before making any changes. They can’t afford to make a drastic change without a backup plan or consideration of the negative backlash. It would be very risky if the company’s financial situation is unstable such as for Lovely Cosmetic. But as you said, this is drama and anything is possible with the rich imagination of the script writer.

        Perhaps ODJ had faith that they can pull it off since Lovely Cosmetic had already developed a product previously but due to the underhand tactics of Gold Chemicals, they did not manage to market it. It is fortunate that NJG had also created other products as a set. They probably just needed to obtain the raw ingredients from the suppliers and if they can pull off the testing and production within a month, they would stand a good chance of success. If this had been a totally new venture without any tested products or formula, then it would have been impossible.

        If Lovely Cosmetic is successful with this attempt, it would be very good for the morale of their staff. Since it is still early in the drama, we can expect more mischief from Director Kim. I’m also looking forward to the change in NJG’s mindset and heart.

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