The 26 Seconds Explanation (Episode 4)

A scene from episode 4 which made me laugh whenever I re-watch it is the part where Nam Jeong Gi had to explain to Han Young Mi regarding his compensation payment to Ok Da Jung and a 10,000 won deduction from its total for each time he agrees with her.
Nam Jeong Gi’s explanation through rapid-fire whispers of events since Ok Da Jung moved in next door to Bong Gi’s damaging her car all within 26 seconds. 

4b 4a

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2 Responses to The 26 Seconds Explanation (Episode 4)

  1. shandy says:

    I thought I’m the lonely one being tickled by Namjeonggi’s
    torrential whispers running all too soon that HYM reacted
    with an amusingly cartoon-like facial expression ^_^
    Yoon owns such a happy knack of body or sign language that
    he could always make us super giggle in no time !
    I’m absolutely enjoying the rapid-fire moment, Yoon is sooooo
    amazing, wow, I think it’s hit the public fancy !!! It’s one of
    our fav man’s hidden talents ~

    26 seconds of whispers ~ amazingly being counted by you my
    dear Julee ~ hahha ! ^_^

    • juleecwk says:

      As I watched this scene, I was thinking ‘he’s good’. The rapid whispers together with hand gestures and HYM’s expression is hilarious 😀

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