Interview On Arirang Showbiz Korea Episode 1326 (Clip)

Sang Hyun’s interview on Arirang Showbiz Korea on 6th April.
Starts at the 9:30 segment of the clip.
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3 Responses to Interview On Arirang Showbiz Korea Episode 1326 (Clip)

  1. Mimi says:

    First of all, thank u dear Julee for sending me the link 😘 I was unable to watch the show as I was at work .. SH is definitely so lovely and attractive with that cute smile drown on his face all the time💝 Actually I like wavy hair on SH👍Do you remember “Christmas Eve?”suits him well💇😀.. SH is full of youth, energy and has great talents supposed with hard work plus his charming smile and nice hairstyles 👍👏 I’m sure he has more and more to give us , and I think Oppa ‘s comedic elements haven’t maximized yet 😄and we’re waiting for melodrama and romance too 👏✌️🙆 LYW haven’t acted comedy before but perhaps it’s YSH himself who makes her laugh without stopping 😃…… Oppa: wish u good luck in all your future plans mainly raising your little princess 👶💋.. Please , a clear photo for your cutie is our deman , otherwise I’ll go on a protest like of NJG in front of Gold Chemical 😂😅🙆by the way , I appreciate your performance in this scene that shakes my heart much 😌😔 NJG wants to defend the last hope till the end .. U r mesmerizing..👏✌️Thanks for the nice drama which is similar to summer breeze in my eyes 👌✌️Fighting 💝Love and support forever

  2. Mimi says:

    Sorry for some spelling mistakes 😄Supported not supposed and demand not deman , I’m embarrassed 😌

    • juleecwk says:

      Not to worry Mimi, we all make those errors now and then. For me it’s usually when I’m texting on the phone, would hit the wrong letter due to clumsy fingers. I certainly hope SH will do another drama shortly after completing this drama. I’m still waiting for his role in a thriller and another movie would be good. Some of the Korean thriller movies I’ve watched were very interesting such as Cold Eyes and Assassination, so I hope he can act in such roles.

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