From Instagram (2016-04-21)

21-04-2016 (1)
우리감독님 생일..축하드리고..축하드려요!😁😁
Our PD’s birthday …. congratulations!
21-04-2016 (2)
이형민감독님 생일을축하드려요!😁😁
Wishing PD Lee Hyeong Min Happy Birthday!
21-04-2016 (3)
욱씨남정기를 빛내준 치타! 고마워요! 😁😁
graced by Cheetah! Thank you!
Cheetah, rapper and winner of last year’s Unpretty Rapstar competition will be making a cameo appearance in episode 13 on 29th April.
21-04-2016 (4)
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One Response to From Instagram (2016-04-21)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I still wonder why 25 was written on the cake??? It’s an enigma for me!!!

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