Woo Ju’s Crush On Ok Da Jung

For me, the best part of episode 13 is when Woo Ju tells his dad that he wants to live with the ahjuma from next door and asks for dad’s permission to marry her.  While dad and grandpa is recovering from the shock, Woo Ju throws a tantrum insisting that he wants to marry ahjuma. 
He gets his uncle Bong Gi to propose to Ok Da Jung on his behalf. He’s delighted when she tells him ‘ok’ but he would have to wait 20 years until he becomes an adult. By that time, she would be around 60 years old. He’s crestfallen when he realizes that she would be as old as his grandpa and starts wailing. There goes his dream. He’s such a cutie.
WJ-1 WJ-2 WJ-3Poor Woo Ju, he needs a mum. Are you listening Nam Jeong Gi? 
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2 Responses to Woo Ju’s Crush On Ok Da Jung

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I laughed a lot! 😀 He is very good! He has very good facial expressions and as he could look at a woman’s eyes… I think he would be a very big heartthrob in 10 years…:D And I can say to SH’s little “adopted” son if two people really love each other, the age doesn’t matter! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      He’s such a cutie and this scene is so funny especially with him throwing a tantrum on the bed. I’m sure he’ll grow up to be a good actor.

      There’s no mention in this drama what happened to his mum though I think there was a brief description in NGJ’s character poster. It must be hard for a young boy to grow up without a mum and he probably sees ODJ as a substitute. With just 2 more ep left and no romantic development between NJG and ODJ to date, they might not end up as a couple. But there is some sort of hint that he might have some feelings for ODJ as he seems a bit jealous.

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