From Instagram (2016-05-05)

내안의 그대 첫번째 디지털 미니앨범 5월7일 정오에공개해요 😄
‘You Within Me’ the first digital mini album released at noon on 7th May.
I’m worn out
We’re looking forward to it, can’t wait!
Hope you’ll have a good rest before your next event.
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2 Responses to From Instagram (2016-05-05)

  1. shandy says:

    Yes, the songs that I’ve been eagerly anticipating ……
    I’ve been missing his singing tone, echoing the softness
    mingled with a little harshness of the sentimentality and
    epiphany……. Thinking his dream was about to sink, but
    it’s so amazing that he keeps on keeping in his heart his
    fervent dream of attaining the right title of not juz being
    the hullyu star, but the artist who’s gonna bring the dignity
    back home to be proclaimed the authentic star who really
    truly has always wanted the people in his homeland do
    appreciate, admire, and love him more than enough than
    the overseas……..Congratulations, my dearest oppa !

    • juleecwk says:

      I believe releasing a domestic album or having a concert in Korea is one of his dreams. Hope the album is a success, if it’s possible to access the Korean music site I would purchase it in a heartbeat. I’m sure there are many other foreign fans who would do the same. I look forward to the day when he holds a concert back home 🙂

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