Possibility Of A Sequel To ‘욱씨남정기’ ?

During an interview at the drama wrap up celebration on 7th May, JTBC Chief Producer Song Won Seob related that while they were all watching the final episode of  ‘욱씨남정기’ together, Sang Hyun and Lee Yo Won had tears in their eyes. Though Sang Hyun had acted in many dramas, this is the first time he had felt this way. He had felt a sense of accomplishment for having done his best for the role and it was emotional watching it with everyone.
CP Song commented that the drama had received a lot of love from viewers as they could relate to the things that happen in real life.  ‘욱씨남정기’ conveys a strong message on social issues and highlights the sorrows and difficulties of the lower ranks. Though Nam Jeong Gi had started out trying to avoid a fearful boss, Ok Da Jung had inadvertently changed him and given him a sense of confidence.
The relationship between Nam Jeong Gi and Ok Da Jung had also been a point of interest but the drama had an ambiguous ending. So it’s inevitable that viewers expect a second season. Episode 15 had the highest rating of 3.191% (Nielsen’s ratings based on nationwide pay TV) and 2.774% for the final episode. Due to its popularity and potential of a second season, the writer and actors would need to discuss together whether it is possible.

njg odj

I certainly hope for a sequel and would love to watch the sweet romance between Nam Jeong Gi and Ok Da Jung. May Woo Ju finally get his wish fulfilled.
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2 Responses to Possibility Of A Sequel To ‘욱씨남정기’ ?

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Perhaps, it would be strange what I say, but he might feel that all of them are families. They were exemplar in eyes of people as they could work like a family in the real life should work! I think traditions are very important in Korea, but recently the family relations became much looser, the members of family get farher from each other, not so close as before… They start to be more american or european… SH was always sensitive, but we can learn that LYW, too! 😀 And these moments are special and touching! 😀
    It was a very good drama, it’s pity that many people missed it out! And it would be good to see a sequel when WJ’s mom come back, fighting for children and close love between Mrs. Temper and NJG! 😀 And what has happened to the other lovely and not so lovely persons! 😀 I think there at least another 16 episodes in it! Otherwise, it was a very witty and funny end of the drama and as I am curious, I would like to see what has happened after drinking that bear! 😀 😀 😀 So, let’s wait!

    • juleecwk says:

      If there is a sequel, I wonder what story development can be added to keep it interesting. Lovely is doing well and there’s a hint of a closer relationship between NJG and ODJ. ODJ’s former husbands too have come to terms that they will not be able to rekindle their relationship with her.

      I find it rather interesting that all 3 former husbands had wanted to reconcile with her. I feel the first ex-husband Hyun Ho (Golden Chemicals) is the best among them as he still tries to help her like a good friend. 2nd ex-husband (JJ HOme Shopping) seems like a rather spoiled mama’s boy while 3rd ex-husband is too money minded and callous. Would NJG be the potential 4th husband? If there is a sequel, they had better give us the answer. But of course, they can’t have the relationship go too smoothly or else it would not be so interesting 🙂

      WJ’s mum was never mentioned in the drama so we don’t know why she left or how their relationship had been. NJG’s brother BG has that ‘anything goes’ kind of attitude which could take him far if he gets a good opportunity. If there is no sequel, I hope SH can act in another drama soon.

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