From Instagram (2016-05-10)

10-05-2016 (3)
Father and daughter taking a walk ….. the rain has stopped!
10-05-2016 (4)
이번주는 윤상현 배우님의 라디오 출연 스케줄이 가득가득!
Actor Sang Hyun’s full schedule radio appearance this week!
10-05-2016 (2)
2시탈출 컬투쑈!..왔네요! 😊😊
2 o’clock escape cult show! …. it’s here!
10-05-2016 (1)
박명수의라디오쑈..다녀왔어요.. 😊😊
Park Myeong Su’s radio show ….. is back
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2 Responses to From Instagram (2016-05-10)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    The weather forecast has arrived again! 😀 But I am happy that it was expanded with a lovely photo about daddy and daughter, although, her face is hided again as usual! 😀 I think she can be a very good and calm child as she tolarates very well being in that kangaroo carrier! Hopefully, it doesn’t tie her shoulder and arsm down!
    As I see SH is very self-concious singer as he knows very well where he has to go to promote his new album and whom he has to get closer who might help his singing career! As he is a daddy, he really cares for his family and takes the responsability! Congratulation!
    It’s fantastic, but I do hope that childish part won’t die out from him as that is why I like him so much! 😀
    We have to admit that PMS is not a goodlooking man, but when his comdian personality comes out I could laugh a lot! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      SH is probably not going to show her face but it’s good enough to witness her growth now and then. Baby is his no.1 treasure (as tagged) and he can now spend more time with her since filming has ended. She’s about 5 months old now. He has mentioned during the radio show that his initial plan to have 3 kids remains unchanged.

      I have seen PMS in some of the variety shows but didn’t know he had a radio show.

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