Sang Hyun @ Rehearsal For Fan Meeting (2016-05-21)

21-05-2016 rehearsal
지금은 「2016 Yoon Sang Hyun FANMEETING ~드라마『욱씨남정기』」리허설 중!
윤상현 배우님의 달콤한 목소리에 #심쿵 😍
여러분, 곧 만나요💕
In the middle of rehearsal now [ 2016 Yoon Sang Hyun Fan Meeting ~ Drama ‘
욱씨남정기’ ]
Actor Yoon Sang Hyun’s sweet voice # heart racing.
See you soon, everyone.
This afternoon’s fan meeting at IMA Hall starts at 17:00 (Japan time).
I wonder if if he’s singing ‘You Within Me’ with the backdrop of a scene from Nam Jeong Gi.
Those sad eyes never fail to move me.
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