From Instagram (2016-05-25)

자 그럼 삼만원! 😆😆😆
30,000 won then!
Not sure what this is about, probably something to do with previous post on the dry foot bath as there was a comment about 30,000 won.
Update to above comment:
I noticed that the 2 latest instagram posts had been tagged with ‘fan meeting’ and ‘counseling’ so went through Chocolatier’s blog post on the recent fan meeting again. It soon became clear what Sang Hyun is referring to. To each of the fans’ questions on the topic of good skin care, he had jokingly referred to the 30,000 won as his consultation fee. He had mentioned using the sitz bath set at 60 degrees C which the fans had thought unlikely since it’s much too hot.
So these 2 updates on the dry foot bath and 30,000 won were related to what they had been discussing during the fan meeting. Since he has now shown them proof of the temperature set at 62 degrees C, he’s ‘claiming’ his consultation fee in jest. Sang Hyun is certainly playful. 
Another exciting detail which did not quite register during the first reading is a mention of the October release of his digital single in Japan. And if I read it correctly, there will be 5 new songs (?). Wow, that would be great and something worth waiting for. 
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