Special October Fan Meeting (LUNAS)

A special fan meeting is scheduled to be held in Japan this October but as this is a tie-up with LUNAS, admission tickets are only available through its product purchase. Different purchase categories will have different benefits.
For more information:
There will be 2 performances for this event which is in the form of a mini-live meeting where Sang Hyun will be singing his new songs, a Q&A and talk sessions.
Venue: Shinjuku Bunka Center
Date: 5th October 2016
Afternoon session:  admission @ 13:00 / start @ 14:00 / end @ 15:00
Afternoon session meeting & photography scheduled to end @ 17:00
Evening session: admission @ 17:00 / start @ 18:00 / end @ 19:00
Evening session meeting & photography scheduled to end @ 21:00

shinjuku bunka center 3http://www.regasu-shinjuku.or.jp/bunka-center/facilities/main-hall/

shinjuku bunka center 4

shinjuku bunka center map 4a
Nearest station: Higashi-Shinjuku, Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin line / Toei Oedo line
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8 Responses to Special October Fan Meeting (LUNAS)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    It seems to be very interesting as Q&A could be also… I would have many questions… 😀 And hearing SH singing is always wonderful! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      If you could be at the fan meeting, what question(s) would you have asked SH during the Q&A? 🙂

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        He never speaks about personal life. I mean: how does he spend his days with daughter and dogs, when he doesn’t work. How did the grandparents accept the grandchild, do they meet more often than before? How does his daughter feel for dogs, all dogs!!!? And how did the dogs accept the new family member? What does he feel now that he had got everything? Does he fall asleep after joking with daughter, just like he had done when he was a baby sitter with his female singer colleague? I wonder what kind of relationship he has with his wife’s family? And I am curious about the funny stories about the new daddy? Does he draw nowadays? Does he have any sparetime to spend with old friends? Did he ever meet with SC in Japan or in Korea recently? … and so on, many-many… He should share some stories without being too personal…

      • juleecwk says:

        I guess he would probably talk about some of these if asked during an interview or fan meeting during the Q&A session. A picture too can tell its own story as we can see from those posted on his Instagram. I’m just glad that we can now all follow him through Instagram which is miles better than the previous Ameblo blog. SC is so busy with his music activities in Japan, I think he’s there a lot these days.

        Regarding his little girl, I believe he would not like to expose her face on social media until she’s old enough to decide for herself whether she’s fine with it. I had that impression from his answer when asked about the possibility of taking part in parenting programs. The same goes to privacy for his family members as we do not see any photos of them except for that rare occasion when he had allowed an old family photo to be flashed briefly on screen during his Youth concert. So I hope fans can refrain from repeatedly asking to see her face as I’m afraid he might just decide not to post pics of her. As I personally prefer to remain faceless online, I can sort of understand why some others do not like it either 🙂

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        I won’t ask him anymore about the photo of his daughter from front, but I told what I think about it! The little girl is surely very nice as their parents are the same, and she is so small that her face is changing from week to week! So, he could have done it, but not! It’s his decision or wife’s one. If he doesn’t think that fans are so close to him as to show her only once, we cannot force it and I think we don’t want it at all! By the way, we don’t even know her real name… only daughter. I just deduct the conclusion!
        Otherwise, there are so many other beautiful babies of famous stars and unknown persons on instagram who share their babies’ so cute faces with pleasure! 😀 So, no problem! 😀

      • juleecwk says:

        Her mum had referred to her as Haetnim but I’m not sure whether it’s her actual name or just an endearment ‘sunshine’. Was trying to imagine the developmental stage of a 5 mth old and it so happens that one of the new dads in the current ep of Return of Superman has a cute 5 mth old girl. When I was looking at her, I was thinking of SH’s daughter 🙂

  2. Mimi says:

    Hi ladies 💞So if we keep asking him to see his baby, will he give up showing her face? We ask to see his daughter because we support him and want to share him his happiness.. Such photos with his baby feeling how happy he’s, makes my day .. I understand what you say ( dear suz and dear julee) and I realize that forbidden things are always needed but SH has his reasons I’m sure.. Let me say :I won’t ask him more to see baby but actually I want to see her face and hope to kiss her cheeks once😘

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Mimi, I think if SH wants to show her face he would have already done so 🙂
      Anyway we’re always happy to see the little one. Hope she’ll grow up strong and healthy.

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