At Geojedo Mongdol Beach

Mongdol beach 29-05-2016
거제도 몽돌해변.. 😁
Geojedo Mongdol beach
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3 Responses to At Geojedo Mongdol Beach

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    He seems to be alone! Although, this rocky shore is not too suitable for having sunbath or swim. As the swimming SH is not so typical 😀 and the weather seems to be cloudy, they can just walk! If there would be bigger waves it would be very similar to Ion sea in Greece!

    • juleecwk says:

      From google description of this place, it’s a gravel beach unlike the usual sandy beaches. Would be uncomfortable to walk barefooted but still, it’s lovely to be at the seaside. SH and his family are having a nice vacation down south, probably stopping at various places along the way. Previously he had mentioned his desire to visit Gyeongju as he’s interested in Buddhist culture and Gyeongju is a nice place with a rich history dating back to the Silla dynasty.

      I had been to Gyeongju once, back in 2010 when we went there to attend the Hallyu Dream Festival because SH was one of the performers that year. We had a nice time exploring the town on bicycle, passing by the royal tombs and visiting the Cheomseongdae Observatory. A pity we did not have much time to visit other places of interest as we had to get back to Seoul for SH’s birthday event. It was certainly a memorable visit and it would be nice to be able to spend more days there next time.

  2. shandy says:

    Enjoying the sheer peace of mind, Yoon loves that precious
    moments of tranquility only seemed to belong to him……
    He was feeling, was touched by the sounds of true life delved
    in nature…..nothing but the sea, the mountains that combine
    to form a beautiful scenery, that takes away our breath in no

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