Special October Fan Meeting (LUNAS)

Oct fan meeting
Sale of tickets to this special event sponsored by LUNAS was launched at noon on 1st June and were all sold out for both afternoon and evening sessions within a few hours of its launch. Wonderful. I wonder if the new song which Sang Hyun will be singing at this fan meeting is from his recently released digital single or another new song.
Depending on the ticket category, participating fans can look forward to having either an autographed photo, a personal photo with Sang Hyun, a hug as well and the few lucky ones under the VIP category would be receiving a personal item from Sang Hyun in his dressing room. 
If I’m not mistaken, it was mentioned during the recent drama fan meeting on 21st May that there will be a new drama?
Update (2nd June)
I’m not very sure if this event has been suddenly cancelled as there was an announcement today at MGB Japan and the previous page at the above link no longer exists. If it’s cancelled, that is most unfortunate but it must be due to some good reason.
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One Response to Special October Fan Meeting (LUNAS)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I wonder what kind of clothes or personal things will be given to some fans?! Now SH’s popularity starts to grow again! Great!
    By the way, the horse placenta can be very interesting and useful!
    I am also curious about the songs. On instagram I saw some photos about fanmi and SH was really close and kindly to fans and funny! 😁

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