From Instagram (2016-06-08)

날씨가 시원하네요..여유롭게산책을.. 😊😊
The weather is cool ….. a leisurely stroll
Good to see him looking so well and happy.
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3 Responses to From Instagram (2016-06-08)

  1. shandy says:

    Sometimes his handsomeness is asphyxiating ~ !
    I’d feel pity for the windows of soul melting into the
    background of the sunglasses ……….. the piercing sun
    already made the earth steam up, so did the eyes that
    they had to stay away from it….for most of those pictures
    our fav man had taken outdoor…almost all. The shades
    have played their royalty to their handsome master by
    showing off whenever their are brought along……

    The green plays a comfortably background….edging
    both sides of the lanes from one end to another……..
    sooooo good to see Yoon embrace nature with the
    green all around, even in town….his love of nature will
    never be obliterated from our memories….coz’ he belongs
    to nature……..

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    He looks good and he has very nice acessories, but he doesn’t protect his eyes well! These sunglasses are very fashionable but from sides let the sunshine reach the eyes, and nowadays the UV radiotion is very high! By the way, mainly at the sea where the UV-rad is mouch higher he should put sunglasses for the baby, too!
    He could live near to this place as I saw many photos from here! 😀

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