From Instagram (2016-06-16)

16-06-2016 (1)
비온뒤에는 날씨가 시원하다.. 😁
The weather is cool after rain
16-06-2016 (2)
따쓰한 햇빛아래 일광욕! 😊
Sunbathing under the warm sunlight
A nice quiet place that exudes a peaceful feeling and together with that sunny smile, these photos has certainly brightened up my day.
16-06-2016 (3)
어제 완성한 요리..넘 맛나게 먹었네요! 😆
Yesterday’s completed dish ….. very tasty!
16-06-2016 (4)
오늘저녁은 오리야채불고기.. 😆😆
Duck and vegetable bulgogi this evening.
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2 Responses to From Instagram (2016-06-16)

  1. shandy says:

    I’ve been in the guessing room for a whole morning ——
    what kinda dish Yoon’s gonna prepare, with potatoes and
    an onion, or may be associated with other ingredient as well?
    Wow, wow, the outcome is soon uncovered —— with some
    green peppers ? Luncheon meat ? I’m not so sure, I know
    nothing about the potato recipe. Since it’s tasty as it’s mentioned
    so, I think it’s indeed tantalizing the appetite by looking at the
    dish Yoon cooked yesterday, our charming chef might have
    a wonderful dinner enjoyed together with his wife ^_^

  2. juleecwk says:

    Wonder what happened to the potato slices. Wish we could try Sang Hyun’s cooking 🙂

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