2016 Birthday Fan Meeting In Tokyo

Birthday fan meeting 24-09-2016
Fan club members can look forward to a birthday fan meeting scheduled for this September.
Free for members as well as new members who apply to join the next recruitment intake.
Not so happy news for non members though as tickets will not be sold for this event.
Event: 2016 Yoon Sang Hyun Birthday Fan Meeting & Showcase
Date:  24th September 2016 (Saturday)
Time: To be decided
Venue: Tokyo Karasuyama Kumin Center
Kumin center 6
Karasuyama Kumin Center
Kumin Hall
Kumin Center Hall
karasuyama kumin center
Getting there: East exit of Chitose Karasuyama Station on Keio Line
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2 Responses to 2016 Birthday Fan Meeting In Tokyo

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Sanclub is a strong circle, they are very clever to get what they want! It’s better than a Union Trade in Europe! 😀 I just wonder who pays the cost of fanmi? SH or a sponsor? I think SH could like them very much! They will be surely happy to meet SH and have fun together, mainly free! 😀 Hopefully, they would share their happiness with those who are not members!

    • juleecwk says:

      The fan club members do deserve to be accorded special privileges as their membership is a good way to support SH. So such events specially for them is good. Speaking as a fan, I would be happy with just a simple inexpensive event with the main focus on sharing precious moments with him. No need for fancy dinners or purchase of products that might be too costly for some. It’s ok to pay a certain affordable amount, to help with the organizing costs. I do feel that San Club should put in more effort with the fans in mind, and having an annual ‘free’ event specially for them would be great as it should be one of the membership privileges.

      It would be good if they could cater to other international fans and non-members but I suppose San Club’s priority would always be the fan club members. It’s not always easy for international fans to travel so far to attend events in Japan as the total costs is a lot more than the locals.

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