Park Won Sook’s Cafe In Namhae

Park Won Sook cafe
Clockwise: Choi Ji Woo, Sang Hyun, Park Won Sook & the late Kim Ja Ok
The above photo should have been taken during filming of the 2011 Korean drama ‘Can’t Lose’ (episode 6).
The photo is displayed in Park Won Sook’s cafe in the pretty German Village in Namhae. From the lovely photos of the village which overlooks the sea, it would be nice to drop by for a visit.
Park Won Sook was the on-screen mum of Eun Jae (Choi Ji Woo) while the late Kim Ja Ok played Hyung Woo’s mum. The veteran actress passed away in November 2014 after losing her battle with lung cancer.
This village has an interesting story of how it came into being.
More pics of the German village:
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One Response to Park Won Sook’s Cafe In Namhae

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I like this photo as funny moment come into my mind. I am really sorry that KJO has passed away, R.I.P.
    That German Village is nice, although for me it doesn’t seem to be german… There’s a big picture on the wall outside, so, no one would miss it! 😀 She is a so lovely actress, I loved when SH and she were in the same drama! SH had a very good relation with her, but with whom SH has no relation… 😀

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