Sang Hyun’s Phone Interview On Talkshow M16

‘M16’ on the XTM channel is a talk show on general topics for men such as military, sports, politics and dating. The show is broadcast every Monday night at 22:00 (KST). Unfortunately the channel is only available in South Korea so we’re unable to watch.
The topic in tonight’s episode is about creating movies on real people who are well known such as the Russian genius mathematician Grigori Perelman, founder of the South Korean Navy Son Won-il and scientist cum detective (?) Isaac Newton.
Choe Seong Jun who had acted with Sang Hyun in the 2013 Kdrama ‘I Hear Your Voice’ had remarked that he would like to make a movie on Isaac Newton and his choice of lead actor for this role would be Sang Hyun. During the phone interview, everyone in the studio laughed when Sang Hyun joked that payment should be made in advance.
I thought I had read wrongly as I’ve not heard of Isaac Newton being a detective but a search on Google did verify that in Tom Levenson’s book ‘Newton and the Counterfeiter’.  Not a bad idea to cast Sang Hyun in an unconventional role should there be such a movie.
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2 Responses to Sang Hyun’s Phone Interview On Talkshow M16

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, nowaday SH became very material man… 😀 But I can understand, he has a family… Otherwise, SH would be a good Sir Isaac Newton. I can imagine as he is sitting in the garden and watching how the apples falling down, perhaps onto his head (if it would be a comical crime story)… and he is shouting: Gravitation… 😀 Or he measures the coins as Newton had done! I think the easiest for him would be gazing at the stars, as IN was an astonomer, too.
    Newton was a multi-talented and very interesting person and dealt with many things, as philosophy, matematics, alchemy or occultism… But he hate women very much, he had never fell in love… Can SH play such a role who is always dreaming,… 😀 It would be a great challenge! I would like to watch that film!
    By the way, Newton has a long, wavy hair… 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      I wonder if there were any Korean movie version of famous western historical figures. In musicals perhaps. It would be nice to see SH playing such unexpected roles. Speaking of which, I wonder what would be his role in the up-coming drama in September.

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