Sang Hyun’s Role In ‘Shopping King Louis’

mgb 15-07-2016
Thanks to MGB for providing more information on Sang Hyun’s role in the new MBC drama ‘Shopping King Louis’.
Sang Hyun plays Cha Jung Won, the Head of South Korea’s largest retailer Gold Group’s online shopping mall ‘Gold Line dot-com’, a workaholic with sharp looks and cool charisma. I’m not sure of the following but if I read it correctly, Cha Jung Won’s life undergoes a change upon meeting with country girl Go Bok Sil (Nam Ji Hyun) and later on becomes her benefactor (?).
As this update was tagged with ‘love triangle’ and ‘one sided love’, I wonder if Sang Hyun and Seo In Guk’s characters are going to fall for the same woman (Nam Ji Hyun).
Synopsis from Soompi:


script 15-07-2016
기대해주세요 ㅎ😄😄
Please look forward to it
Script for the drama ‘Shopping King Louis’ (episode 1-4)
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2 Responses to Sang Hyun’s Role In ‘Shopping King Louis’

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I am sure it would be a love triangle and following SH’s other roles, he was always the third part who lost his beloved one… so… 😀 Never mind in the private life he hasn’t lost! 😀
    If he would be a boss, then he would dress very well, he would be elegant! 😀 I think the role is very suitable for SH as he likes to do shopping and the big bags, as we can see the photo above! 😀 I hope we could laugh a lot and enjoy SH’s good shaping of the role! 😀
    Good luck! We are looking forward to watch the drama in September! Hopefully, until then he won’t be so silent as he is nowadays and won’t forget his Instagram page… Communication with fans is very important, he shouldn’t forget it and I mean not just with ones of the country of rising sun… 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      Now that the script is out, filming should begin soon. It’s a good year for SH, with 2 dramas which also makes up for last year’s absence from the screen.

      Yes, this role would suit him very well. His cool character as Cha Jung Won is a contrast to the timid Nam Jung Gi. SH is probably going to be really busy with the scripts and filming but we do hope he’ll continue to update on instagram.

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