‘Shopping King Louis’ First Script Reading

Script reading 15-07-2016http://enews24.interest.me/news/article.asp?nsID=1079690
Seo In Guk, Nam Ji Hyun, Yoon Sang Hyun, Im Se Mi together with CP Kim Sang Ho, PD Lee Sang Yeob, script writer Oh Ji Young and the rest of the casts at Sangam MBC on 15th July, for the first script reading of the up-coming drama ‘Shopping King Louis’.
Wonder if filming has already started as it’s been almost 2 weeks since the first script reading. The romantic comedy ‘Shopping King Louis’ is set to premiere in September, taking over the Wednesday-Thursday slots of the current MBC drama ‘W’.
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2 Responses to ‘Shopping King Louis’ First Script Reading

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, his Instagram page is not well updated… 😦 There was a time when he updated very often, but recently nothing… What has happened! I think the many busy days is not the reason… There are many famous people who are so busy at least as he or more and they have always updates as they know the communication with fans is the most important! But he knows what he does or doesn’t do…
    I think they will be a good team as they are good actors and actresses and the atmosphere could be good at the first script reading event. Is this SH’s lucky cap as he is wearing always at the first script reading… Or just he has many of it… 😀 I think the shooting will be funny as funny SH boy made the mood! 😀 By the way, that paper bag is very cool! It has very living eyes! 😀
    So, I am looking forward to the news asap and the first episode.

  2. shandy says:

    As is always playful as the one who would like to heat up the
    atmosphere ~ It’s the man I always like~ Definitely there must be
    a lot of laughter for the genre of this drama ~ Yoon’s best choice
    of acting in a pleasant setting, with joy and delight………. me too so
    eager to browse through his inst with those many updated photos ~

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