From Instagram (2016-08-02)

Sang Hyun with actor Kim Oh Bok during filming of ‘Shopping King Louis’.
He looks wonderful.
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5 Responses to From Instagram (2016-08-02)

  1. shandy says:

    I remember there’s an English proverb saying ” A man without
    a mustache is just like a cup of tea without sugar ” hahhah ~
    Yoon’s thin mustache is awesome, at least it gives a crumb of
    comfort coz’ a facial hair-free of him is too good to be a beautiful
    man, a touch of stubble on the upper lip fringes a spirit of
    manliness…… cover up kinda ” flowery flaunting man”

    • juleecwk says:

      I was used to seeing SH with a mustache previously and thought he looked sexy haha. When he suddenly shaved it off, he looked different but I then got used to him being clean shaven. He looks good either way 🙂

      • shandy says:

        Yes, Julee, you can say that again ! He never expects
        he could be that sexy with the mustache ~ and I also never
        expect I would ever be so much fond of his appearance
        with that mustache in ‘The Queen of Housewife ‘ The so
        charismatic and charmingTae Bong xi is more than
        conquering those who did not really have any favoritism
        to mustache in the very first place ~

  2. Zsuzsana says:

    You know this mustache and the photo I have seen about him, perhaps from the shooting, reminds me for drama Queen of Housewives… 😊 That was the first drame of SH that I have seen! Since then I have watched all of them! But that was a defining experience for me regarding him! I hope this drama will be similar…
    Bye the way, his hairstyle is a little bit different, but the new color suits him very well! 🙆

    • juleecwk says:

      I like this color and hairstyle. SK looks well rested and happy, the same as in his recent updates. Always make my day to see his smile 🙂 Since he should be busy with filming of the new drama, we’d probably won’t get to see many insta updates. Looking forward to the new drama in early Sept.

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