From Instagram (2016-08-11)

무더위엔 아이스하키..😆
Ice hockey in the heatwave
Sang Hyun as an ice hockey player, probably BTS from the drama ‘Shopping King Louis’.
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2 Responses to From Instagram (2016-08-11)

  1. Zsuzsana says:

    Well, I see hockey players many times at my house as a hockey shop is very near to my home. The shopwindow is full of similar equipments and uniforms. And one of my friend often goes to hockey matches as she is one of main “cheerlady”, she is one of the drummer. 😁 I have seen some matches, but for me is very rough sport… The evidence is themany injuries and roken ones and teeth… So, I think SH should stay at hiking, it’s much safer and during hot weather he should stay rooms cooled by A/C… 😊
    I would like to know if he can skate at all? I think I forgot it as I was young when I was skating, althoug, the open skate-ring is only 10 minutes from me! I hope, we would see in the drama!
    By the way, I saw a photo about him at the shooting and he seemed to be very tired and slim. I hope he could rest a little bit as health is very important! 😯 Perhaps, after this drama… 😊

    • juleecwk says:

      I don’t think SH was ever shown playing any sports in the drama, was he? Except for that boxing scene in QoH where he wanted a challenge with Oh Ji Ho. We do know that he’s not good at football and he can’t swim 🙂

      Yes I saw those BTS photos of SH wearing the navy suit. He has slimmed down a lot since the last drama for which he had purposely put on weight. Looking forward to the new drama in mid Sept.

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