Gosa Ceremony For ‘Shopping King Louis’

Sang Hyun and the casts of ‘Shopping King Louis’ performing the traditional Gosa ceremony to pray for the success of the new drama.
For more info on the Gosa ritual
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2 Responses to Gosa Ceremony For ‘Shopping King Louis’

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, I have red the info about this ritual! I have to tell it is strange… I don’t believe in superstitions, but I don’t understand, a nation who has so excellent technologial development, how can believe in it??? Very strange! If it’s only a funny ritual/ habit then it’s OK, but if they really think that a pig head could help to be successful.. 😀 Here we say those people believe in it who have no confidence! I don’t want to hurt any feelings or habits, but I think anyone can put any number of pig head to that table if there’s no confidence in him/herself and the other’s ability. A drama will be successful if it has good script and scriptwriter, good director, talented actors and actresses and many-many money!!! And of course the channel or media are very important where the drama will be broadcasted! If one of these are missing, you can hold many rituals or put pig heads onto the table, it won’t help! 😀 But how could help a cooked dead animal???
    By the way, that pig head is so scary… 😦
    Otherwise, I hold my fingers crossed for the success of SH’s new drama! 😀 At least in this case noone (the pig) has to die for his success! 🙂
    Once the Korean Cultural Center asked us to give a slogen to Seoul which expresses the best way South Korea. My slogen was “Traditions and developments”, though I didn’t win with it, but I think these two words are very typical for Korea!

    • juleecwk says:

      Like other Asian countries, South Korea too has many traditional beliefs and even share similar festivals. Worshiping with a pig’s head is not unique to them as the Chinese too have this practice of using a roast pig for prayers. From what I’ve read about South Korea, Shamanism has a strong influence on their culture just as Shintoism for the Japanese. Western countries too have their traditional practices and beliefs which goes back through the centuries. Certain rituals may seem strange or steep in superstition but these practices have become very much a part of their culture. I think it’s not so much about confidence but more on hope and wishes for good luck and blessings. Animal sacrifice were practiced by many other religions in ancient times.

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