‘Shopping King Louis’ – Sending Our Cheers

쇼핑왕 루이 (2)http://www.antimes.kr/inc/sub0101_view.php?idx=93128
Stills of Sang Hyun from the up-coming MBC drama ‘Shopping King Louis’ which premieres on 21st September 2016.
In anticipation of the press conference for this drama which should be held shortly before its broadcast, we would like to invite fans who would like to show their support and send cheers to Sang Hyun, as well as for a good cause. We are planning to send rice wreaths which would be donated to charity under Sang Hyun’s name. 
Fans who would like to participate can either join us or send separately as an individual or group.  Either way, your names and country will be displayed together with your cheer messages which can be in any language. For those who would like to participate, please leave a comment here and I will contact you with the details. The orders will be arranged collectively through Sang Hyun’s official Korean fan club administrator. The dateline is 4th September.
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12 Responses to ‘Shopping King Louis’ – Sending Our Cheers

  1. juleecwk says:

    Kind of sad there’s no response and support T_T

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    It’s very nice idea that they want to collect money for donation for people who are in need! I see here in Hungary how many people is in need and the number of it is always increasing with the refugees and migrants… Here we can join to aid organizations, like Red Cross or Maltese Charity Service. Sometimes famous people hold concerts free and the income goes to the Aid Organizations. There are many people in need, and we help here as we can! It’s very nice from SH that he also support such charity programs!
    Regarding the two photos above, we can see two different character! 😀 The first is a little bit strange wearing this blue-white beehive pattern suit! 😀 I think he could have enough extravagant role in the drama The second is a little bit strange as I never heard SH talking about his skiing skills! I think he has not! 😀 That’s why he enjoyes this photo shooting and he is smiling… If he every would have seen an icehockey player alive or in TV he could have seen that they are very angry people and they have killing eyes as they are focusing to hit many goals! 😀 Otherwise, this jersey! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      The rice wreath serves a dual purpose …. mainly as a visual show of support from fans to SH, as emotional support to him for his acting and as a good deed for charity. Frankly we are saddened that this support has been shrinking and was hoping more fans could participate to cheer SH up, so that he knows his fans strongly support him. It’s understandable that not everyone could afford to participate, but when there is no one else besides the small number of fans who regularly do so, it’s rather disappointing. Sigh …

      • Henrietta says:

        Dear Julee, Fans Club from China (Baidu) and Taiwan have also collected funds for supporting SH. We (some of the HK fans) joined Baidu to show our support. I think this time the support would be more than the one for the drama ‘Ms Temper’! 🙏🙏

      • juleecwk says:

        Hi Henrietta, that’s great and it’s a relief to know that. The response was not so good for the previous drama so I was hoping more fans can show their support, even if in small ways. We hope SH can feel that his fans will always be there for him.

      • Zsuzsana says:

        You know Julee, we have already talked about it and it’s really sad that SH doesn’t get so many money support from fans, but until for example in Hungary the average monthly income is cca. 350 EUR, I am unable to ask anyone to support any foreigner artist with money charity, even if they love him so much. 😕 Mainly, that we have many problems with migrants and refugees.
        By the way, Henrietta is right, who doesn’t know korean or japanese, that person has to face to a big problem if wants to go any fanmi or concert of SH, as she won’t understand any words… Let’s admit that these events are organized for japanese fans.. Perhaps, concerts are more suitable as he talkes a lot, but sings much more… And even if the concert tickets might be not so expensive, but flights, accomodations and…
        So, it’s not so easy, but…

      • juleecwk says:

        The last concert I attended was the Youth Concert held in Osaka in Dec 2013. Yes it’s not cheap for foreign fans as we need to factor in flights and accommodation. That’s why I’ve cut down on my trips but hope to attend his next concert when there is one. Even if one cannot understand the language, it’s great to listen to his singing. I hope I can get to listen to his new songs.

  3. Henrietta says:

    It seems that the number of Japanese fans had increased ( the Sept 24 San Club FM were over booked), I hope the Japanese fans will give him more support this time, as in 2014 before his marriage.

    • juleecwk says:

      I did note the announcement at MGB Japan regarding the standing room only participation for 22. I thought it could be due to the admin’s miscalculation since the hall is not very big, the website info says it has a capacity of 435 people. Since the participation is free for San club members, if all of them attend (inclusive of the 22 standing) the total is less than 500.

      It is good that San club is taking better care of its members by having such free events for them. Hope they continue to provide these privileges in appreciation of their membership. I thought many of the previous events were too costly so they should re-look their event planning as even a simple but intimate gathering would be preferable to expensive dinner shows.

      Looking forward to SH’s next concert which I hope to be able to attend.

      • Henrietta says:

        Oh! In other words, there are only less than 500 San club members. That is, he lost a number of his Japanese fans since December 2014. What a pity! Hope the coming December event is a concert open to every one.

      • juleecwk says:

        It’s not certain all the members are attending so it’s just a guess.
        Been some time since I heard SH sing live. Yes, hope the concert is an open event.
        Do you intend to go if there is one?

  4. Henrietta says:

    I wanted to, but due to family reasons I can’t go. Besides, I do not know Japanese nor Korean, I do not understand what he said. So …. 😭😭. Hoping that it is an open concert, then you could meet our favorite man again.

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