‘Shopping King Louis’ Characters

louis     boksil joongwon     marihttp://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/louis/cast/
Loius (Seo In Guk)
Real name: Kang Ji Seong
Position: Gold group President’s only heir
Concept: pretty boy in a greenhouse, amnesiac
Nickname: Shopping King Louis
Shopping is: brand, entertainment & healing
Having lost his parents in an accident during childhood and brought up overseas by an over protective grandmother, he lives an affluent but lonely life. On his return to Korea after 15 years, he suffers memory loss due to an accident. 
Zero vitality, pathetic man who’s clueless about the value of money and only knows how to spend it. Pitiful man who does not remember his name. A strange man whose good looks needlessly disarms me – Go Bok Sil
Bok Sil ‘spine-breaker’ vs fantastic shopping DNA owner – Cha Jung Won
(Not sure what spine-breaker means as it could be a Korean phrase)
An item I very much want to have – Baek Ma Ri

Go Bok Sil (Nam Ji Hyun)
Position: mountain girl
Concept: internet illiterate, Odaesan flying squirrel (??)
Nickname: wingless angel
Shopping is: major plan within a year
Go Bok Sil is a country girl who lives deep in the mountains of Gangwaon-do and gathers herbs and wild plants to supplement the family income. She is a positive icon with her bright smile, affection and energy. While searching for her runaway brother in Seoul, she unexpectedly finds the amnesic Louis who’s wearing her brother’s clothes. 
First time in my life, without you I am nothing – Louis
You do not know how much I love you – Cha Jung Won
Ignorant country bumpkin, really annoying – Baek Ma Ri

Cha Jung Won (Yoon Sang Hyun)
Position: Goldline.com Director
Concept: workaholic, invincible
Nickname: Charisma King
Shopping is: Science
Cha Jung Won is the director of the nation’s largest retailer Goldline.com, cold-blooded, charismatic and a workaholic. His unexpected meeting with Go Bok Sil shakes up his life and his heart.
Makes me cry ….. my life’s greatest rival – Louis
Person to thank for discovering my talent for the first time – Go Bok Sil
Why is it Go Bok Sil and not me? – Baek Ma Ri

Baek Ma Ri (Im Se Mi)

Position: Goldline product planning team leader
Concept: Goldline wannabe star
Nickname: perfect Baek Ma Ri
Shopping is: my identity
She would like to project herself as sophisticated and smart, and a wannabe star of all the female staff. Go Bok Sil’s appearance puts a dent on her perfect life. She’s consumed by envy and jealousy as she watches how the men she desires are captivated by Go Bok Sil.
Do I want that? No – Louis
Charming princess …. why are you doing this to me? – Go Bok Sil
I …. am not fooled by the soul-less reaction – Cha Jung Won
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