‘Shopping King Louis’ Episode 1 (Stills)









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3 Responses to ‘Shopping King Louis’ Episode 1 (Stills)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, who is searching that would find! 😀 There are no obstacles for me if I really want something, just it took some time to get! 😀 I have found a drama page and at last I could watch the first episode with english sub! Hurray!
    Well, first he was dressed very well, so, really elegant! This apple green jacket suits him very well! I have to tell that I liked when he trew the dossiers or projects… But I think he doesn’t shout too much as he wasn’t too frightening, although, this would be the aim! Even if the subordinates was was scary, in their place I won’t be too frightened! 😀 I think at home he is not practising it! 😀 In vain he is a lovely person! By the way what flavour was his favourit in the drama? Mine is strawberry! 😀
    Louie is also lovely and sometimes I felt they try to imitate some scene from silent films! It was funny! Hopefully, it would be even much funnier… 😀
    Fighting! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      Great that you managed to find the subbed website to watch. Me too, and the subbed episodes are uploaded quite fast the next day. You can surely find it if you google for it.

      Yes, agree that CJW could be more fierce. They are lucky to have such a nice office, with that big tree and lawn. Almost feels like working in a garden. Louis is cute, like a little kid as he’s never been independent or learn to take care of himself while growing up. I’ve not watched Nam Ji Hyun’s dramas before so do not know much about her. But she’s growing on me as a spunky young lady. I enjoyed the scene where she accosted CJW at the train station to buy her ginseng. Maybe it’s their age difference but I don’t see GBS and CJW as a couple.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        Yes, they don’t seem to be a couple, but who knows… You know in life the most mismatched persons are together very successfully, so… tomorrow never knows! 😀

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