‘Shopping King Louis’ Episode 2 (2016-09-22)

Ratings by AGB Nielsen:
Episode 1 @5.6%
Episode 2 @6.2%
I’m biased so most of my screen shots are of Cha Jung Won even if Louis is cute.




ep-2-4What an unusual and interesting office with the work tables around that tree in its centre and a lawn outside.
Would love to work in a garden-like office such as this.





Jung Won takes a tumble as he slips on a patch of water spilled by a staff.
He calls out to have it cleaned up and is surprised to see Bok Sil working there. 


So they meet up again..
Go Bok Sil has been trying hard to reach Cha Jung Won, to get the balance of the money for her ginseng.
As he had wanted to check its authenticity first, he had only made a small down payment.  If it’s confirmed to be genuine, he would pay her the balance.
Without a mobile phone, Bok Sil could only borrow her supervisor’s hand phone. Unfortunately Jung Won’s hand phone had malfunctioned due to a spilled drink and sent for servicing. Unable to reach him, she must have thought that he had no intention of paying her. 
Meanwhile Louis is dependent on Bok Sil to look after him until he recovers his memory. Having been brought up by his overprotective grandma and under full time care of a personal butler, he’s ill prepared for the realities of ordinary life. All he knows is shopping and suddenly he finds himself out in a scary world with new experiences. He’s naive like a little child that has yet to grow up.


e2-3The car which Louis was driving was involved in a serious accident and had burst into flames. Grandma was devastated as she believed that he had died. I’m just wondering why they did not identify the body even if the driver must have been burnt beyond recognition.
e2-2Meanwhile Louis is very much alive though he cannot remember his identity. 
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2 Responses to ‘Shopping King Louis’ Episode 2 (2016-09-22)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, Julee, perhaps Louie is cute, but SH is more good-looking! So, this is the key of the mystery! 😀 SIG is cute, even if he is already 30 years old! He looks only a child! SH in that “torreador” suit looked very well! 😀 And nowadays he always has problems with women and the floor… 😀 I wonder who is the stunt who can show such impressive falling… 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      You made me laugh with that ‘problem with women and the floor’ remark ….. yes, he was also thrown onto the ground by ODJ in the other drama. I did try to look closely at the person who hit the floor in this scene, it’s not SH. I don’t think he can take such a hard fall which would probably cause some back injury.

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