New Digital Single ‘愛しい人’

Sang Hyun’s new digital single  愛しい人 (Beloved) released on 24th September 2016.
Available at:
ユン・サンヒョン「愛しい人 – Single」


Have downloaded my copy into my iTunes library.
Wonderful voice as always, hope there will be more new releases in future.
Personally I would prefer more Korean songs.
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4 Responses to New Digital Single ‘愛しい人’

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Me too, as I could understand the lyrics at least! The english title is Darling? I wonder what’s about? Unfortunately, it was planned for japanese market, not for the korean or overseas regions…

    • juleecwk says:

      Actually I think the title is ‘Beloved’. There is one sentence in Korean ‘사랑해요’ …. I love you.

      I think it’s good that his songs are now available online which is much easier for everyone to purchase from music sites and cheaper than buying the album. It also cuts down on production costs and does not have to depend on how many physical copies to produce. I would support his singles and looking forward to more in future, preferably Korean songs.

  2. Henrietta says:

    This Japanese song is different from those two Korean songs released earlier. Yes, the song is mainly for Japan market so the lyrics were written in Japanese. Japanese fan Makiyunarin has posted the lyrics in her Instagram. According to the lyrics (translated by google translate) this song was written to his beloved person. Anyway, it is a good song and it is cheap and easy to purchase it via iTunes (I already included in my playlist). Looking forward to his other new songs, preferably Korean songs too.

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