Sang Hyun @ Birthday Fan Meeting

This reminds me of that birthday fan meeting I attended in 2010 where photography was allowed during the final part of the event. When I first saw some of the other photos of Sang Hyun which some Japanese fans has posted, I was rather surprised as I know photography is usually not allowed. It was only when I saw many of them in the picture snapping away with their ipads and mobiles phones that I realized it’s an exception.
Thanks to the fans for sharing.
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5 Responses to Sang Hyun @ Birthday Fan Meeting

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    It was a great idea from SH or from anyone else as at least we could see him! 😀 Hopefully, soon we could get a report of experience from the fans who could be lucky to be there!

  2. sheeprondo says:

    A chubby Oska 🙂

  3. Henrietta says:

    Japanese fan Chocolatier has reported the fan meeting event in her blog. But it was written in Japanese, need time to get the translation before understand the contents. But by looking at the pictures posted by the Japanese fans, we could feel the happiness and joy of SH and the fans.

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