‘Shopping King Louis’ Episode 3 (2016-09-28)

Ratings by AGB Nielsen:
Episode 1 @5.6%
Episode 2 @6.2%
Episode 3 @7.0%
Perhaps Cha Jung Won had felt sorry for Go Bok Sil or felt that he’s partly responsible that she passed out when he pushed her off him, he decided to let her intern for a month in his section after paying her the market value of the wild ginseng. Henceforth he shall be known as her benefactor and not a swindler.  
There is just something about Bok Sil that intrigues him and he cannot help being drawn to her. In that elevator scene where she had collided into him, her proximity had stirred something in him. This drama certainly does not waste time as everything seems to progress quickly. I can’t help but see Tae Bong in Jung Won, even if it’s still early in the drama …. guess some things are just not meant to be.






3-7Just love Sang Hyun’s side profile ….. something I could look at all day long





3-15Bits and pieces of Louis’s memory trickles in when he chanced upon an ornament from his childhood days.
3-10Louis’s accident seems to have been caused deliberately by his uncle as grandma had wanted to pass on the management of Goldline to her grandson. Just a guess from the following scenes but then it might not be what it seems at this point.


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One Response to ‘Shopping King Louis’ Episode 3 (2016-09-28)

  1. shandy says:

    After a run of four episodes, I’m falling back to ep 3 chatting about CJW, a total
    different portrayal of character played by Yoon —— never b4 have I fallen into
    the soft spot of him playing so cool so harsh and yet so empathic and
    compassionate CEO. Nevertheless, charm is never deserting him ~ JW is real
    cool, poised, composed and brilliantly innovative in whatever related to
    merchandising perception. I luv him rolling in Peter Drucker’s saying : Knowing
    trends won’t guarantee a success by 100%, but not knowing trends will guarantee
    a failure by 100%. A merchandiser who doesn’t read the trend has no meaning
    of existing ~ with these JW psyched his staff up for flushing out ideas .

    Though I might see CJW appear in certain sense as Tae Bong, in some sense,
    I would say it’s coz both share the common beard, haha ~ they are both fatally
    charming, suave and stylish, but what we’ve seen in JW the kinda devilish
    charisma Tae Bong might not possess. I totally divide the two characters into the
    wholly different men; I see the devilish charm in JW but the mischievous charm
    in Tae Bong, funny or not ?:JW’s charisma has a vein of coldness assimilated
    with cool that extends his fatal charm. As a pro in high rank, and his taste in
    fashion is in juxtapose with the chic and the trend that make a single man with
    brilliant jewel.

    JW is more tactful than Tae Bong, his tactile sense in merchandise, and his
    remarkable perceptual acuity of ” what is new, what will be the next hit products
    that lead the trend in the market”, he has a farsighted vision. I luv his poise,
    knowing enough to come in out of the rain, his voice always sounds composed.
    And I also luv the way he strikes out his steps with his chin leveling with the
    ground, face upright, even broad shoulders and back straight so naturally to
    make a big stride —— a man poised with full confidence is always the most
    beautiful man in the world !!!!!!!!!!! ^^

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