‘Shopping King Louis’ Episode 3 (BTS)














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2 Responses to ‘Shopping King Louis’ Episode 3 (BTS)

  1. shandy says:

    Look as if JW being “indecently assaulted”, haha !
    Since there’s the dead end for JW to withdraw aback, so what he
    could do is to keep his cool in replacement of being taken aback in the
    first place to absorb the huge thrust of dashing force exerted upon
    him, and the scene might appear as an “unexpected thrust of romance”
    but sorry, I’m only absorbed by Yoon’s dramatic change of expression:
    from the initial shock to alert to hold his own to compose himself
    at last to resume his boss-status after discovering that’s his subordinate
    who made that imprudent blundering dash, hahaha !~
    The pair of hands that rested on JW’s chest..lol !
    JW pulling a bit the collar of his shirt in a way to restore his debonair
    style is so manly ! ^_^

    • juleecwk says:

      Yes, it does appear as if GBS is throwing herself at him (from the stills) 🙂 Did you notice that heartbeat when GBS had collided against him?
      CJW’s character description is of someone who’s rather cold towards women so it’s surprisingly she has that effect on him. It makes me curious what it is about her that touches him. Is it merely out of compassion or a romantic interest? Guess it should be the latter since the drama synopsis mentions a love triangle.

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