‘Shopping King Louis’ Episode 4 (2016-09-29)

Ratings by AGB Nielsen:
Episode 1 @5.6%
Episode 2 @6.2%
Episode 3 @7.0%
Episode 4 @7.8%
Cha Jung Won believes that Bok Sil has potential and decides to give her a chance by including her in their product promotion planning. She came up with a good idea of an attractive water bottle with the Goldline brand and logo imprinted on its body and cap but unfortunately their division team leader Baek Ma Ri takes credit for it during the presentation.
Bok Sil gets her first taste of office politics and learns that appearances can be deceiving. As she has spent her life in the countryside where life is gentler, this is certainly an eye opener. Jung Won seems to know the real situation as he had seen her proposal before the presentation. His words of encouragement to her cheers her up considerably.










ep-4-13Louis unexpected encounter with his aunt and uncle gives them a shock since they believe he had died in the accident.
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One Response to ‘Shopping King Louis’ Episode 4 (2016-09-29)

  1. shandy says:

    I miss our dearest man’s charming smile……….
    Instead the cool, sharp and sometimes in between a power gaze of
    his beautiful eyes, when he smiles that time always carrying sunshine
    with him, but could hardly been seen from this drama, it doesn’t matter,
    as long as I enjoy watching the way he interpretes his coolness and a
    dominating and compelling boss, I have found too Yoon is actually very
    good at playing a charismatic superior who sways his influence upon
    his subordinates who are working under him….

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