‘Shopping King Louis’ Episode 5 (2016-10-06)

Ratings by AGB Nielsen:
Episode 1 @5.6%
Episode 2 @6.2%
Episode 3 @7.0%
Episode 4 @7.8%
Episode 5 @8.4%
Due to the broadcast of the DMC Festival on Wednesday 5th October, episode 5 was shown on Thursday and episode 6 rescheduled to next Wednesday 12th. It’s good to see that the ratings are going up. Sang Hyun looks really good in this episode, especially with his forehead covered hairstyle. 
Jung Won finds it disturbing that Bok Sil and Louis are living together. It’s not certain whether his disapproval of their living arrangement is out of concern for Bok Sil or due to his romantic interest in her. Most likely the latter though I find it strange, perhaps due to their age gap. For once, I’m not rooting for them to end up together.
Much to everyone’s surprise, Jung Won decides to extend Bok Sil’s short term contract to a year as he believes in her potential. Louis though is not too happy with the thought that Jung Won is interested in her. I guess he need not have worried as she merely looks upon Jung Won as her superior. Louis’s returning memory is still rather random but his second accident would probably help him to regain it.














5-22a 5-25a

It’s obvious that Louis’s uncle is behind his accident as he is set on taking over the management of Goldline. Now that he’s aware that Louis is still alive, he has to ensure that grandma does not find out.
5-6Grandma’s unexpected meeting with Bok Sil in Busan. Unfortunately she did not see Louis as his uncle had hastily pushed her away and blocked her view.   
5-10Getting a sudden flashback of his accident and the past when he sees a family along the beach.
5-23Almost knocked down by a car while on his way to meet up with Bok Sil. Though it did not hit him directly, the fall knocked him out.
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3 Responses to ‘Shopping King Louis’ Episode 5 (2016-10-06)

  1. sheeprondo says:

    I also like Sang Hyun’s new hairstyle with his forehead covered. He looks much younger and more handsome.this way.

  2. shandy says:

    The very first thing comes into my mind is a pair of panda eyes,hahaha !~
    But what’s on earth the PD would have diverged the cool line of JW to a
    bit of comedic amusement ?~
    It’s so much tickling fancy when the relationship between the superior and
    subordinate gets into bubbling after heating ~ I suppose the harsh language
    applied is a kinda tool for sharpening the hidden talent underlying beneath
    GBS, and one more thing reminds me of JW’s main concern of a naive
    country bumpkin walking out of the country side would be facing a lot more
    of dog-eat-dog cultures in the environs of the dynamic workplace, particularly
    in the big city like Seoul. JW’s clairvoyance behind GBS has saved her
    good job done which was worth her an extension of her work contract
    with the company ~ there are still lot more to come, the underlying scheme
    with the current surfacing one, a load of unexpected…..wow, it’ll come to be
    lot more exciting and thrilling for tonite……..

    • juleecwk says:

      Frankly I’m still wondering what it is that draws CJW to BS. My reasoning is that besides his personal liking for her, it’s also probably to do with his empathy for her. As he told her when she was about to throw away the pair of shoes she thought was from MR, there are people who genuinely support her.

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