‘Shopping King Louis’ Episode 11 (2016-10-27)

Ratings by AGB Nielsen:
Episode 1 @5.6%                 Episode 9  @10.7%
Episode 2 @6.2%                 Episode 10@10.2%
Episode 3 @7.0%                 Episode 11 @10.5%
Episode 4 @7.8%
Episode 5 @8.4%
Episode 6 @8.8%
Episode 7 @10.0%
Episode 8 @9.7%
As it is believed that Bok Nam has died in the car accident and being together would only be a painful reminder to Bok Sil and Louis, they decided to break up.  Louis seems unable to totally let go but it is heartening to see that he’s beginning to grow up. Doing things for Bok Sil without her knowing and watching her from a distance keeps him happy. 
It’s strange that Jung Won would give up his prestigious job at Goldline to help Bok Sil with her new business venture. Surely he could have continued to guide her without having to leave Goldline. But he’s rather cute in this episode as he fusses over his temporary table name plate and feels irritated with other men who hang around Bok Sil.
So my hunch about Bok Nam being alive is right after all. As Louis takes a tour around Busan to reminisce the happy times he had spent with Bok Sil, he is shocked to chance upon Bok Nam. Unfortunately he gets into another accident which resulted in a concussion and memory loss (again?). Well, really …. I thought this memory loss repeat is a bit too much. If he’s going to keep hitting his head like this, I would think he’d end up with a fractured skull. And what’s with that same jacket again?


11-2a 11-2




11-6a 11-6b 11-6d 11-6c







11-16a 11-16b

11-17a 11-17b





11-22c 11-22a


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One Response to ‘Shopping King Louis’ Episode 11 (2016-10-27)

  1. Mimi says:

    In my opinion, it’s overdone.. I mean there’s a big exaggeration to make Louis lose his memory again !! Plus wearing the same jacket again 🤔😟is it a trick from Louis to regain Boksil? Does he really forget her? The writer likes suspense and surprises .. Bok nam is still alive and afraid Louis might take him to the police , he stole Louis clothes before???? Perhaps losing Louis ‘ memory for the second time would serve the drama .. It’s very interesting and I’m happy the ratings are going up✌️👏💪

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