Trip To Sweden

Surprising Instagram update on Sang Hyun’s trip to Sweden today.
Though there are no details on the trip, it’s probably something to do with a documentary filming.
Could he be going as another tourism ambassador?
스웨덴 출국길
Departure to Sweden
여러분 저는 지금 스웨덴 헬씽키로 갑니다ㅎ..😊
Everyone, I am now going to Helsinki Sweden
스웨덴 다녀오겠습니다 😊
I am going to Sweden
출 발!
Setting out!
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3 Responses to Trip To Sweden

  1. Zsuzsana says:

    Well, I wonder where SH went to, as Helsinki is in Finnland and Sweden is a different country… 😂 We will see hopefully, but I have to inform him, that the finnish Santa Claus is in Hungary at the moment… So if he wants to meet him… 😂 But he is not to brave to find Santa! 😂
    Otherwise, he looks good and very elegant! The blondies there are beautiful, so, be careful, SangHyeon! 😁

  2. Mel & Suan says:

    Ok its probably a typo error. Sweden, that’s where he is apparently spending time in!

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