Trip To Sweden (6)

비오는 스톡홀름 올드타운 골목을 거닐다 .. 😊
Rainy stroll through Stockholm Old Town alley
스웨덴 삐삐박물관에서..아이들은 넘 귀여워 😆

At the Swedish Pippi Museum …. the children are very cute
뉘두베리 스웨덴 요리..맛나다😆
‘뉘두베리’ Swedish cuisine ….. tasty
(Not sure what is this dish he’s referring to)
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One Response to Trip To Sweden (6)

  1. Zsuzsana says:

    SangHyeon looks good in this good weather, even if it’s raining. He is really cool! 😊 If it would be cold, it should snow… 😁 He likes to scare everybody or anything else, I remember the goose in Australia… 😂 By the way, he could meet with goose and Nils Holgersson in Sweden, too… 😂 Although, as I see he met only with the redhaired Pippi, yet!
    I think he tasted the most famous dishes there, salmon, reindeer and I think he referred to the Kötbullar, the swedish meetball.

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