With Sang Hyun @2016 Winter Concert – Friends (Part 1)

Now that I’m back home and recovered from the Winter chill, being at Sang Hyun’s Winter Concert in Tokyo on 17th December feels like a dream.  It has been 3 years since I attended the Youth Concert held in Osaka (December 2013) so the announcement of the recent concert was exciting news indeed. I knew I had to be there, whether snow or shine. Thanks to MGB Japan and their very helpful staff for being so accommodating and making it possible for me …. どうもありがとうございました.
As photography was not allowed in the concert hall, I could only take some pics of the lobby and a sneak shot of the stage before the concert started. Fortunately, there are some concert pics posted by Korepo for the benefit of fans who could not be there. My write-up is a mix of my recollection of the event, partial understanding of the dialogue as well as details from Chocolatier’s blog @ http://ameblo.jp/love2-yuzuki/entry-12229599390.html


Banners at the entrance and lobby of Nissho Hall

Admission into the building started at 15:30 with ample time for those collecting their tickets at the venue and purchase of the event merchandise of the 2017 calendar, towel blanket with Sang Hyun’s smiling face and his latest digital single 愛しい人 (Beloved) at the 2nd level lobby.  As I had already purchased the digital single on iTunes, I opted to get the calender.
My favourite pics from the calender

2017-calender-1 2017-calender-2 2017-calender-3 2017-calender-4 2017-calender-5 2017-calender-6

Admission into the concert hall shortly before the concert starting time @17:00

This pic was on the towel blanket on sale
While waiting for the event to start and the hall to fill up, I glanced back to check out the attendance. Seems to be well filled though I could not tell if it’s a full crowd. Information from the Nissho Hall website gave a seating capacity of 742.
nissho-hall-4 http://seki-kouichi.cocolog-nifty.com/soyokaze/2013/06/2013-5e1d.html
Interior of Nissho Hall, pic taken from above link.

Finally the concert started and Sang Hyun in a smart black suit with bow tie, appeared from the left side of the stage while singing Christmas Eve ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRZVY75rTJQ ) Feels really good to see him and hear his voice again.
Following pics from Korepo @ http://korepo.com/archives/276468
“Hello everyone it’s been a long time. I’m happy to meet you, how are you?”
Continued with the second song このまま気持ちさえ告げずに (Without Showing You My Heart)


Fans had earlier been asked to write in to share their most memorable moments.
Sang Hyun had selected 3 letters to be read out on stage, with a song dedicated to each of them.
First sharing of a fan’s Christmas trip to New Zealand and being surprised by snow. Sang Hyun then related his own experience of being unprepared for the cold weather on one of his previous trips to Japan. He had gone shopping at the thrift shops along the alleys of the high end shopping area of Omotesando but since he did not have a lot of money then for a warm jacket, he ended up buying instead some thick inner wear usually worn by the elderly. It was a pity that he did not know about Uniqlo’s Heattech then. So his advice for those who travel from warm to cold countries to get Heattech.
1Next song to share the warmth of summer …. ふたりの夏物語 (Summer Story Of 2 People), a lively song which had fans getting up from their seats and moving to the beat.


Second letter from a fan with her recollection of Christmas eve 2 years ago when her mother was hospitalized for surgery. It was a distressing time for her then so she had not been able to enjoy the Christmas illumination at Omotesando. Fortunately the surgery was a success and her mum was also much rejuvenated by watching the DVD of Sang Hyun’s drama. Her mother has fully recovered and has come to the concert with her. The fan is also planning on getting married so it’s a happy time for her. 
In response Sang Hyun said that if a family member is ill, everyone around them would feel sad. He believes it is possible for the family to overcome this by thinking of happy and pleasant things so he hopes to be a good performer who can deliver laughter and happiness to everyone through his singing and acting.  
For that, he would sing 君に届くまで歌うLOVESONG (Love Song, Singing To Reach You)


I’m not too sure about the content in the third letter which seems to be about the experience of a fan who had attended the Christmas Live and High 5 event with her son 4 years ago. 
Moving on, Sang Hyun recounted the time he had learned about Christmas in elementary school. He had wondered why his teacher had told him to hang up socks. Anyway he put them up on Christmas eve before he went to bed and found a present in it the next morning. It was a 24 color pencils set which is something he had wanted but was expensive at that time. It got him thinking that perhaps someone is monitoring such things. 
For next Christmas, Star Wars was popular then and he was playing with a branch as a light saber. Though he had hoped to receive a light saber in his Christmas sock, what he found instead were crayons. And for the following year, it was paint. These were what his parents gave him because he likes to draw and paint. As he considers a son to be a mother’s life long love, his next song choice …. 愛しい人(Beloved) from his recent digital single.

%e6%84%9b%e3%81%97%e3%81%84%e4%ba%ba %eb%82%b4-%ec%95%88%ec%9d%98-%ea%b7%b8%eb%8c%80

He then talked about his digital single released in Korea at the beginning of this year with 2 songs 내 안의 그대 (You Within Me) and 너를 위한 노래 (Song For You). The reason he feels a special attachment to them is because of his personal involvement with the song writing and composition and it’s been well received at home.  And now he would sing these 2 songs for us.


Being able to hear him sing these songs live was something I had been anticipating for this concert so it was great. He then went backstage for a costume change while the trailer of the drama ‘Shopping King Louis’ was projected on screen together with the Best 3 scenes:
1) Bok Sil accidentally falls onto Jung Won during their struggle with setting up the futon, and Jung Won watching Bok Sil and Louis sadly as they banter over the latter’s crazy attempt to remove his precious coin from the hot plate and getting his finger burnt.
2) Jung Won singing ‘지금 이순간‘ (This Is The Moment) as he keeps Louis company outside the toilet.
Love his powerful rendition of this song from the musical Jekyll & Hyde and was hoping we could have listened to the full song. We were certainly in for a pleasant surprise as our wish would soon be granted, not once but twice.
3) Jung Won’s advice to Louis and Ma Ri.
When Ma Ri’s confession was rejected by Jung Won and she wanted to know why it’s Bok Sil he likes instead of her, he tells her not to fake her feelings if she wanted to be sincere.
Louis had gone to look for Bok Sil at the office while she was away on a trip. Though she had tried to appear fine, she was upset over her brother’s ‘death’ in the car accident. Jung Won tells Louis not to contact her but be considerate of her feelings which is what he should do as an adult. 
 Jung Won giving Bok Sil some books as he believes she is smart and capable of self improvement. Bok Sil is touched that he genuinely cares for her and calls him a good man. In parting, he teases her by asking for payment for the books and then laughs out loud when she’s taken by surprise.
To be continued ….
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7 Responses to With Sang Hyun @2016 Winter Concert – Friends (Part 1)

  1. Henrietta says:

    Many many thanks to Julee for the detailed write-up. It is a very successful concert. I wish I could be there next time. SH’s singing skill and performance are excellent, it is a pity if it was not a full house. I wonder if there was a live band as I could not see the pianist nor the guitarist on the stage as he used to have them in precious concerts? Once again, my sincere thanks to you, Julee.😘😘.

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Henrietta,
      If there’s a summer concert next year, you should try to make it.
      Hope there will be more new songs next year.
      There is no live band or musician on stage so the music should be from a recording.
      This venue is much smaller so I do find the music a bit loud.

  2. Nancy Ho says:

    Hi Julee, really appreciate your write up on the YSH Winter concert – Friends. It must be a memorable event to you and his fans. I am anxiously waiting for the part 2. Thanks so much!

  3. Gilda says:

    Thank you very ,Julee for the nice pics and writ-up . I felt I was also at the concert. Thanks again!!!

  4. Mimi says:

    Many thanks dear Julee ✌️You’re as lovely as Oppa👏👍💞

  5. Zsuzsanna says:

    Thank you, Julee, for the enjoyable report! 😀 It’s pity that we cannot enjoy at least a part of the singing… 😦
    He was very elegant, I think, he dressed for a real feast!

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