SBS Trilogy Documentary ‘Daddy’s War’

SBS 2017 New Year Special – Daddy’s War (아빠의 전쟁)
In the press conference held at the SBS building in Mokdong, Seoul on 27th December, PD Kang Bum Suk talked about the 3 part reality documentary which examines the struggle that fathers face between their work and family. Many of them spend very little time with their children as they are so busy with work. Through this documentary he would like to share their perspective, have an understanding of their anxieties and hope that a solution can be found to improve their quality of life. 
PD Kang revealed that it had been difficult to find a celebrity to take on this documentary due to its new format and having to commit to it for 10 days. He was initially doubtful that Sang Hyun would agree to his proposal and is very grateful to him for accepting what the PD describes as a miraculous casting.  He was looking for someone who could find a solution by asking questions from their perspective and since Sang Hyun is a new dad, he had a lot of thoughts on bringing up a child. Filming on the spot had not been easy but it had proceeded well without complaint, so he is thankful to Sang Hyun.


PD Kang Bum Suk and writer Jang Yoon Jeong
The documentary will be shown in 3 parts:
1st January 2017 @11.05 pm
Titled ‘Is Dad home early today?’ with presenter Jo Young Gu
This episode examines the reaction of fathers who are ordered to leave work early.
8th January 2017 @11.05 pm
Titled ‘Dinner with Dad – the dinner table’ with the mission for family members to recover their relationship lost over time, to have them sit down for dinner together for a month.
15th January 2017 @11.05 pm
Titled ‘Finding lost father time’ with Sang Hyun who goes to Sweden as a reporter to cover the realities of Swedish fathers. Sweden being a very family centered country with fathers active in childcare, Sang Hyun had repeatedly expressed his envy as he observed the difference between Swedish and Korean fathers. According to writer Jang Yoon Jeong, a global survey had ranked Swedish men as the world’s #1 most desirable for marriage.
Don’t forget to tune in over 3 Sundays of 1st, 8th & 15th January. Sang Hyun will only appear in the 3rd episode on the 15th.
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6 Responses to SBS Trilogy Documentary ‘Daddy’s War’

  1. Nancy Ho says:

    Hi Julee,
    Thanks for the update! Do you know where I can watch the Jan 15 episode? Please advise. Thx.

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Unfortunately, I was unable to register, even if I tried many times, perhaps, I am too faraway! 😀 But I try to find a new solution to watch it! 😀 I am curious about “Sang-Hyeon daddy’s war”! 😀 I would try other streams…

    • juleecwk says:

      Strange that you still cannot register successfully, most likely it’s the last part with the telephone no and area code. Hope you’ll be able to watch it. Part 1 was filming with a hidden camera on the reaction of some of the men who were told by their manager/supervisor to leave the office at 5.30 pm.

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