From Instagram (2017-01-10)

이쁜가요..😆 😆😆
Is she pretty?
Sang Hyun seems to be having fun with some photo apps.
He would be pretty if he’s female, as we have seen in an episode of Family Outing 2
when he had dressed up as woman.
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2 Responses to From Instagram (2017-01-10)

  1. shandy says:

    She definitely looks sparkling and…..flirtatious, hahaha !
    Whoever he tries to be, I absolutely wanna see him back
    to his manliness ~

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      Me too Shandy! 😀 As I see he also plays with apps with special effects modifying our photos… 😀 I like them, Once I tried to be a Santa Claus and I was successful as after the modification, noone could say that I am on the photo! 😀 I could laugh a lot, but I like SH as he is. So, please, give us the lovely and handsome SH back! 😀

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