‘Daddy’s War’ Episode 3 Teaser (2)

Since Sweden is well known for its family centered policies, what would be their people’s reaction if such policies were taken away all of a sudden. Part 3 of ‘Daddy’s War’ attempts to find out by setting up an unexpected scenario of ‘forced overtime’ for some employees of an IT company and secretly filming their response.
During the discussion, the boss wanted to know what should be a reasonable limit for overtime as the staff would not believe if it’s too late. He was surprised when told that the overtime hours in Korea is usually up to 10 or 11 pm. They finally agree on making it as up to 8 pm but even then, he was worried that the staff might complain about this illegal forced overtime and report him to the police. However, the response they got from the unsuspecting employees was unexpected.
Would like to share a piece of happy news which was included in this article.
Congratulations to Sang Hyun as he’s expecting his second child! 
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