First Birthday Celebration (Clip)

From KStar News exclusive coverage of the first birthday celebration of Sang Hyun’s daughter Na Gyeom which was held on 4th December 2016.  Little Na Gyeom is described as fair, with a small face and bright eyes … features inherited from her parents. The event was attended by those who were close to the family and invited guests included actors Lee Jong Seok, Lee Bo Young, Lee Jun and Im Se Mi.
To the presenter’s query as to why the event was reported only now, Kstar reporter Lee Bo Ram explained the concerns which celebrities have on whether their children’s birthday would be of interest to viewers and if it might be regarded as excess publicity. But recently Maybee’s SNS article on love for her family had received a lot of encouragement and interests on the daughter’s birthday event so the decision was made to share it.
On the couple’s future activities, it has already been confirmed that Sang Hyun will be acting in the up-coming drama ‘Perfect Wife’. Maybee too is preparing for her comeback as a singer as well as her work as a lyricist but as Sang Hyun will soon be busy with filming, it is expected that she will be concentrating on childcare for the time being.





1st-bday-5   1st-bday-4



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2 Responses to First Birthday Celebration (Clip)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    it was a good idea to show a part of the 1st birthday celebration as at least fans could see SH in national costume and how to celebrate the birthday there! It was interesting to see, how many familiar faces were there from the world of movie! 😀 The photos were lovely, my favorite is when SH throws up and catch his daughter! 😀 It radiates great confidence and love between them! I wonder if some friend of SH’s wife were there, too?!
    I am happy that SH would shoot again, as we can see when the drama will be broadcasted. And it’s good that EunJi will continue her singer and songwriter’s activity as she is talented, she has nice, strong voice! And I hope the little Na Gyeom could use well her Pororo micro! 😀 By the way, I am very curious what kind of thing she has chosen on her 100. days! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      One of the guests seen with MB in the clip is her close friend comedian Kwon Jin Young. It’s not often we get to see SH in hanbok, would be nice if he can post an insta pic of himself wearing this. I would like to know too what item Na Gyeom had chosen 🙂

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