‘Perfect Wife’ Family Photo

Sang Hyun with Ko So Young and their on-screen kids in the drama ‘Perfect Wife’.
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2 Responses to ‘Perfect Wife’ Family Photo

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    It looks a really nice family! Childrens are really lovely and SH looks very well! I like this type of coat very much, I also have one, but in burgundy color! 😀 And behind them the merry-go-round… I like it very much as I have many good experiences from my childhood regarding it! And relating SH I remember when he was “riding” on a “horse” of merry-go-round shouting: Oh Maria, where are you, Oh Maria! He was always crazy… and very funny! 😀
    Awaiting for the drama, but we have to wait too long, so, SH should post something on instagram as I am sure he takes many snapshot and selfies during the shooting, just he is lazy to post it. Informing fans are very important, as his popularity and “livelihood” depends on fans… So, Sang-Hyeon… 😀 And you should post at least one photo about Manseok, I wonder how he looks now, I like that dog so much! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      I remember that BTS from Gapdong 🙂 Would like to see SH acting in more thrillers in future dramas.
      Looking forward to more updates on the coming drama. I noticed that the drama has its own instagram page now @ https://www.instagram.com/perfectwife2017/

      I think Manseok should be in Paju as it need more open spaces to run around in. SH and family should be back with his parents for the Seollal celebration and most likely visiting the in-laws too.

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