From Instagram (2017-02-26)

박사로 변신..ㅎ
Transformed into a doctor
My guess is this hairstyle is for Sang Hyun’s cameo appearance in episode 8 of the JTBC fantasy romance drama ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ which stars Park Bo Young. At first glance, I did not quite like the too curly hair but he does remind me of Beethoven and Harry Potter.
Media article on Sang Hyun’s special appearance in the drama:
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2 Responses to From Instagram (2017-02-26)

  1. Henrietta says:

    Oh, this explained why SH changed his hairstyle to curly hair at the press conference because of this special appearance in JTBC drama. The viewing rate of this JTBC drama is over 5%, so it is good for SH to appear in there.

  2. Nancy Ho says:

    Thanks for letting me know it is the episode 8.
    I will watch it in VIKI when it comes out. Thx

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