‘Perfect Wife’ Highlights

Highlights from episode 1 and 2 and parts which should be from episode 3.











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2 Responses to ‘Perfect Wife’ Highlights

  1. shandy says:

    From the 2nd last pic, jung hee is leaning close to lee eun hee who’s
    smile radiates charm and happiness….when jung hee leans over to his
    wife ko so yong, she shows an unhappy face and she even tries to
    tap on jung hee’s back with her fingertip seem to get jung hee’s attention
    back on her again……
    What’s the kinda connotation hidden behind the scene ????~~
    It looks like eun hee taking interest on ko so yong and jung hee’s
    kids is merely an act of throwing dust into the eyes of ksy as well
    as the tv viewers ~ ????

    • juleecwk says:

      Of all the characters in this drama, Eun Hee is the one which is most puzzling. We don’t really know what she’s up to and she’s really weird with that ever smiling face even when she’s walking around her house. In the latest trailer, she ‘bumps’ into Jung Hee but which I’m sure isn’t accidental. After his misbehavior with Na Mi, I hope he’s not going to get entangled with another woman (Eun Hee?). But from the drama synopsis, it seems likely that Jung Hee is going to have more women trouble and make Jae Bok angry.

      Hard to figure it out at the moment. Since it’s still early yet, I guess we will not be getting all the answers so soon. My hope is that no matter what happens, Jung Hee and Jae Bok will remain together.

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