‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 3 Highlights

Highlight from tonight’s episode 3 where Jung Hee kneels in the freezing rain to ask Jae Bok for forgiveness. It hurts my heart to see this scene T_T

Stills from  KBS Drama blog on Naver

















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3 Responses to ‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 3 Highlights

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I’ve just seen SH’s message on weibo where he asked our support… Well, I think he really needs our support, as he is beaten a lot by everybody! Poor SH, he has got a strange role! You know this time the korean historical dramas came into my mind. When the ministers or queens wanted to protest or just apologize for something they were standing on their knees in the heavy rain! I told next time SH has to get a role of a King! Then he won’t be beaten, although those were poisoned many times… He is always suffering, although, a cheater deserves it! 😀 Although, seeing the last episode, what kind of cheater or man, who refuse a woman… 😀 Korea is strange, really strange! But it was funny to see as he was running away from the girl! 😀
    By the way, the story is starting to become more and more interesting! I hope it would be really good! Fighting, little cheater! 😀

    • shandy says:

      Yes, my dear Suz, he did mention he has wanted to act
      as an emperor…..watching him suffering almost all the way
      crying out for his remorse. , , my heart keeps sinking…….
      he’s cheating but he never wanted to give up on his wife
      and children, the lesson he’s learned is too dear to pay….

    • juleecwk says:

      I am quite surprised that Jung Hee and Na Mi did not have a sexual relationship though the first 2 ep definitely gave us that impression. Yes it’s strange that Jung Hee got scared when Na Mi wanted to ‘claim’ him and ran away from her. Wonder if Na Mi will be killed off in the coming ep as there was a dead body in ep 1. There’s still not much revelation about the weird Eun Hee’s real intention but seems her hubby is Jae Bok’s first love.

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