‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 3 (2017-03-06)

Viewers ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1 @3.9%
Episode 2 @4.9%
Episode 3 @5.1%
Though Jae Bok had wanted a divorce, she decided to give Jung Hee one last chance and to keep their family together since she realized that she still loves him.  But will he be able to keep his promise to end the affair with Na Mi?
The reason for Na Mi’s affair with Jung Hee most certainly has something to do with creepy Eun Hee. A thought which comes to mind ….. Eun Hee is a total psycho bent on breaking up Jae Bok’s family, get Jae Bok to move into her house and then get rid of the couple by whatever means so that she could get her hands on the kids? To up the mystery, she also happens to be the wife of Jae Bok’s first love Cha Kyung Woo (Shin Hyun Joon).

Na Mi has fallen for Jung Hee and do not intend to leave him though her mission to seduce him has been accomplished. Since her continued involvement with him might present a risk that their scheme would be exposed, the woman who had recruited her threatens to reveal to Jung Hee what she has done.
Jae Bok wants a divorce and for Jung Hee to move out but at this moment, she just had to vent the hurt and feeling of betrayal.

With that woman’s threat hovering over her, Na Mi decides to break up with Jung Hee and pretends that her half-brother Bong Gu is her new boyfriend.

Since they are breaking up anyway, Na Mi insists that they ‘do it’, much to Jung Hee’s dismay.
She wants to but he doesn’t and runs off even as he feels the heartache of their parting.
I find this scene funny and a little strange. Is it possible for a man to have an affair without physical intimacy or in Jung Hee’s case, is it merely to find mental comfort and a sense of being appreciated by another woman?

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