‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 4 (2017-03-07)

Viewer ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1 @3.9%
Episode 2@4.9%
Episode 3 @5.1%
Episode 4 @4.9%
Jae Bok is horrified to discover that Eun Hee is Kyung Woo’s wife. She couldn’t possibly move her family into their house as it would be too awkward. But just as unexpectedly, Kyung Woo had to leave for overseas and would not be back so soon. Since they were unable to move to their new home until 2 months later, Jae Bok decides to accept Eun Hee’s offer of a short term stay. 
Eun Hee’s fascination with Jae Bok and Jung Hee’s kids is unsettling. The way she ignores the others as she directs her full attention on the children, watching them as they sleep …… she’s definitely weird. Why do I get the feeling that now they are in her house, she is not going to let them leave? Just like the lyrics of ‘Hotel California’ …… you can check out anytime but you can never leave. 
Though Jung Hee had promised Jae Bok he would not see Na Mi again, he could not help but miss her terribly. He dreamed of her and thought he saw her when he chanced upon some women who resembled her.  He sneaked out to look for her and was heart-broken to find that she had moved away. The overwhelming feeling when he finally found her made him realize that he could not live without her.  
 Jung Hee had yet to gather up his courage to ask Jae Bok for a divorce but she suspected he was seeing Na Mi again. This time though she was going to fight for her family.  But just a thought which came to mind ….. if a man has a change of heart and wants to be with another woman, is he worth fighting for?

Na Mi about to reveal to Jae Bok the truth regarding her involvement with Jung Hee but hesitates as she recalls the warning the woman had given her. Her disclosure would endanger all of them. 

As Jung Hee had yet to muster the courage to ask Jae Bok for a divorce, she finds out from Na Mi that they would be leaving together.  Had she expected this?
Her royal creepiness watching the children sleep while Jae Bok has gone out to look for Na Mi. 

The strange woman shows up at Eun Hee’s house. Though it’s not revealed here how they are related, her character description lists her as Eun Hee’s house keeper. Creepy boss and her weird staff who does her bidding.

Jae Bok’s shocking discovery of Na Mi lying motionless on the stairs to her house.
Could the killer be the man who had knocked into her earlier?

Is it a murder or an accident? From episode 1, Jae Bok is taken in for questioning as a suspect. 
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2 Responses to ‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 4 (2017-03-07)

  1. Nancy Ho says:

    I wonder who is the murderer…hopefully the mystery will captivate the audience …

    • juleecwk says:

      Wonder if it’s anything to do with Eun Hee. Earlier on, her house-keeper had threatened Na Mi when she said she wanted to stay on with Jung Hee, so perhaps they had to get rid of her. The ending of ep 4 gave the impression that the house-keeper was making some call (to the killer perhaps?). But if it was Eun Hee’s intention to break up Jae Bok’s family, wouldn’t having Na Mi stay with Jung Hee serve the same purpose? Or perhaps her presence might be a risk to her plan?

      Trying to figure it all out at the moment can make one’s head spin, so we shall just watch the development 😀

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