Jae Bok vs Na Mi …. Why Her?

While I was disappointed that Jung Hee had finally decided to be with Na Mi despite his earlier plea for Jae Bok to take him back, I guess the reason had been obvious since the very beginning. It is not that Jung Hee and Jae Bok do not love each other but warmth and tenderness seems to be lacking in their relationship. Hopefully what they are about to go through will help them find their way back to each other.
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2 Responses to Jae Bok vs Na Mi …. Why Her?

  1. Nancy Ho says:

    This kind of fresh relationship is always exciting and tender…for both men and women….normal I guess

    • juleecwk says:

      Every relationship has its ups and downs so I suppose it would depend on the couple. For some, it’s a ’till death do us part’ commitment while for some, it’s to move on if it does not work out. Relationship is such a complex thing.

      From what I see of Jung Hee and Jae Bok, there seems to be an imbalance in their relationship as husband and wife. While she’s more self-reliant, he feels inadequate. Somehow there’s this invisible ‘wall’ between them. In contrast, Na Mi offers a comforting presence and makes him feel needed as a man. Though Jung Hee is not the promiscuous type who sleeps around, he enjoys being with her.

      I guess there would probably be a lot more trying times for them, but hopefully all these would help them discover what they truly mean to each other.

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