‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 5 (2017-03-13)

Viewer ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1 @3.9%
Episode 2 @4.9%
Episode 3 @5.1%
Episode 4 @4.9%
Episode 5 @3.5%

Relief that Na Mi is still alive turns to shock when she dies en-route to hospital
An autopsy reveals the cause of death to be a heart attack. Findings that she had consumed sleeping pills and her handwritten note pointed to a suicide. Yet it does not quite add up as Na Mi had been preparing to leave with Jung Hee, her room was in disarray as if there was a fight and someone had called for an ambulance.

Jae Bok is deeply disappointed that Jung Hee could even think that she had anything to do with Na Mi’s death. Can’t really blame him though since she had just told him angrily over the phone that she was on her way to meet Na Mi and would kill her, and then Na Mi is dead the next moment. But what he blurted out in anger during their exchange is very hurtful.

Is it so wrong to love? I’m human and I could change my mind.
Nothing lasts forever in this world. Is it bad enough to die?
It is not wrong to love someone, but it is wrong to be unfaithful. It’s true that people can and do change, and nothing is forever. But when a man can say such words to his wife, it is akin to putting a knife to her heart. If I were Jae Bok, my heart would have bled too at that moment. Frankly I am disappointed in Jung Hee and unless he is able to redeem himself later on, it would be difficult to feel empathy for him.

Jung Hee apologizes for his earlier outburst but Jae Bok is unable to forgive him for breaking his promise and worse, for suspecting her of causing Na Mi’s death. She wants a divorce and since both could not agree especially when it involves the children, they would have to battle it out in court.  Hopefully they will not really resort to this.

Eun Hee is getting weirder, behaving as if she’s the children’s mum. But strangely she doesn’t seem to realize that her behavior is abnormal. Could she be suffering from a multiple personality disorder?

Jae Bok finds it puzzling that Eun Hee had taken it upon herself to enroll Hye Wook in a kindergarten without her knowledge or permission, and panicked when she could not find her daughter in the schools she checked.

Jae Bok being haunted by Na Mi in her nightmare.
This unexpected scene of the dead Na Mi sliding horizontally from the doorway and hovering above Jae Bok in her nightmare gave me a big scare. I had to cover the screen when re-watching this scene. Never did like horror movies as they creep me out too much.
Jae Bok is not pleased to be mistaken for her daughter’s nanny as Eun Hee must have given the impression during the registration that she is Hye Wook’s mother. Since this school is much too expensive and beyond their means, she would have to enroll Hye Wook somewhere else.
Bong Gu trying to figure out what Na Mi had recorded in her journal. The content is vague but he sees a note in which she had jotted down the reason for dropping by at Jung Hee’s house on the pretext of returning his poster. Her reference to money did not make much sense.
Bong Gu is mystified to find that someone had left a copy of Na Mi’s bank account transaction outside his door. A large sum of money deposited by an unknown person seems to indicate some sort of payment, but for what purpose?
Jung Hee tries again to reconcile with Jae Bok but without success. As they end up arguing, what they said in anger reveals the cause of the widening chasm in their relationship. A wife’s disappointment and her constant disapproval makes the husband feels incompetent and which affects his ardour for her. It develops into a vicious cycle as the wife feels unloved while the husband finds comfort in another. They did not seem to know why they were drifting apart.
As unpleasant as this revelation might be, I feel this is a reality in many failed relationships. There may be other factors but unfulfilled emotional need is one of them. Are both parties equally at fault? 

Jae Bok is shocked when Eun Hee reveals that she knew all along that Jae Bok was her husband’s first love.
Can’t figure out why Eun Hee should find this fact so hurtful since Jae Bok’s previous relationship with Kyung Woo was before he married her. It’s not like he was having an affair behind her back. Could it be that she found out that he is still holding a torch for Jae Bok and that his heart is not really with her (Eun Hee). 


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